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Scrap Metal Removal by Thunder Contracting LLC

Junk doesn’t come in one shape and size, rather it comes in all types and shapes. Out of the all different types of junk, scrap metal junk is perhaps the trickiest to remove. That’s because not all scrap metal junk is the same, or for that matter, some type of scrap metal can be recycled, others can’t, and then some toxic scrap metals need technical expertise to be handled carefully.

Thereby, scrap metal should never be disposed of in the trash without expert help and consultation. Besides, scrap metal isn’t always junk, rather it could be a valuable resource, which may be recycled and used in another valuable product. Experienced scrap metal removal services don’t just help you safely take out this junk, rather ensure it is properly segregated into different types before either being disposed of safely or recycled into another valuable product.

Are you looking for scrap metal pick up and recycling near your location in NJ?

Thunder Contracting LLC offers safe, consistent, and ethical scrap metal pickup, removal, and recycling services in New Jersey, Just give us a call at 201.288.5800 and our experts will be at your doorstep to help you get rid of all types of scrap metal junk.

We offer Scrap metal pickup and removal services

At Thunder Contracting LLC, we offer comprehensive scrap metal removal NJ services including;

Aluminum pickup removal and recycling

Being one of the most commonly used metals in buildings, and offices, Aluminum is also the most prevalent scrap metal type. The best part about Aluminum as scrap metal is that it can easily be recycled and reused with great efficiency. From food tins to soda cans, and other industrial equipment, Aluminum is widely used in the manufacturing of many products. To recycle aluminum, the scrap metal is melted down before being used in other products.

Brass pickup removal and recycling

You may find plenty of brass scrap metal during deep cleaning, or complete renovation projects. The metal is mostly used in plumbing fixtures or odds & ends. Just like aluminum, brass scrap metal can also be recycled into new products by melting down the scrap metal.

Cast iron pickup removal and recycling

Cast iron is another widely used industrial metal that is used in manufacturing of all types of machinery, equipment, as well as, in buildings. Cast iron like many other metals is completely recyclable and doesn’t lose its characteristics or properties even when completely rusted. Our metal removal NJ services will take away all cast iron scrap in any shape or form to recycle them into new products; thus keeping the environment clean for clunky scrap.

Copper pickup removal and recycling

Handling copper scrap can be a pain since it is widely used across various industrial equipment. From electrical wiring to pipes, and plumbing work, copper is widely used in offices, industries, and buildings equipment. Fortunately, copper is again a completely recyclable metal and doesn’t lose its characteristics or value even in bad shapes. At Thunder Contracting LLC, our scrap removal NJ services can help you get rid of copper scrap safely while keeping it out of the landfills.

Steel pickup removal and recycling

Steel is another metal that is excessively used in every possible types of equipment and products. Fortunately, it is also one of the most recycled metals in the world. Call 201.288.5800 for our expert metal removal NJ services to safely pick up, remove, and recycle all steel scrap from your homes or offices.

Tin pickup removal and recycling

Tin is another metal that is used in various industrial items including electronics, and other storage items. The metal is completely recyclable, and thereby should only be given to experienced scrap metal removal experts for proper handling, and recycling.

Lead pickup removal and recycling

Lead is also a recyclable metal, however, it isn’t the easiest to recycle and exhume toxic gases during recycling. At Thunder Contracting LLC, our scrap metal removal NJ experts have the experience and resources to safely pick up, and remove lead scrap before delivering it to credible recycling factories where it can safely be recycled.

Zinc pickup removal and recycling

Zinc is another metal that can be recycled over and over without affecting its characteristics or composition. Thunder Contracting LLC can help you easily and safely remove all zinc scrap from homes or offices.

Nickel pickup removal and recycling

Nickel is used widely across various electronic and industrial items from cell phones to machinery and others. Again, all nickel scrap can be recycled and thereby should not be thrown away into landfills.

Best Way to Dispose Scrap Metal Near Your Location

Since there is no one type of scrap metal, similarly, there isn’t a single best method to dispose of the scrap metal. Rather, it depends on the type of scrap metal you have at your job site.

For instance, small metal items which are typically manufactured from aluminum or steel should be collected separately. Once you have a significant amount of these metals, you can always call Thunder LLC’s scrap removal NJ services and we will safely take it away for recycling. Alternatively, you can also take such metal scrap to a local recycling depot and may get some money back for your scrap metal.

Other larger metal items made from various metals, which can also be recycled should be taken to the local scrapyard. However, this would require much effort and resources on your part. Well, if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always call in our expert scrap removal NJ services and we will haul away the junk for you.

Why should scrap metals be recycled?

The world doesn’t have an infinite deposit of metals. Many metals are found in very limited quantities across the world. Also, metals are the primary raw material for almost all of our electronic, or electrical products. Therefore, recycling metals is the best way to conserve this finite natural resource, which otherwise could easily deplete in a few decades.

Fortunately, metal recycling is a major and well-established industry in the manufacturing world. Such industries not only make sure that these valuable natural resources are recycled for renewed use but also ensure that the environment doesn’t get polluted by dumping metal scrap into landfills.

Moreover, as a major industry, the metal recycling industry provides jobs to hundreds of thousands of workers across the world. The industry is also directly responsible to ensure an affordable supply of metals like aluminum, copper, and steel, which otherwise could be too expensive metals to be used in daily products.

How does recycling scrap metal help the environment?

Recycling metals helps our environments in multiple ways. Firstly, by recycling metals, we get to conserve very finite metal resources for future generations. Also, by recycling scrap metals, we minimize the mining activities for metal ores; which are one of the major contributors of land pollution, as well as a large consumer of energy resources. Last but not least, by recycling metal scrap, we get to save our environment by not letting chemically harmful substances enter our lands.

Can scrap metal go in my recycling bin?

As mentioned above, most scrap metals are recyclable. However, unfortunately, not many cities except scrap metals are placed on the curb. Thereby, you can keep small metal scrap material in your recyclable bin for collection. However, for larger scrap metals, you would have to take them to the recycling plant by yourself or call scrap metal removal services for expert help.

Can empty paint cans go in the garbage?

Not really. Most recycling counters won’t accept wet paint cans. Thereby, you would have to remove any leftover paint in the cans and get it dried. Then still, you may have to take this to a specific local recycling plant (where it is accepted).

Alternatively, you can simply call 201.288.5800 and let Thunder Contracting LLC scrap metal removal NJ experts get rid of these paint cans for you.

What types of scrap metals can be recycled?

Most of the scrap metal junk can be recycled. Some of the easily recyclable metals include;

  • Aluminum
  • Tin
  • Brass
  • Cast Iron
  • Steel
  • Nickle
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Zinc

Thunder contracting LLC is your best scrap metal removal partner in New Jersey

At Thunder Contracting LLC, we are experts in scrap metal removal services. Servicing across the NJ area, you just have to give us a call at 201.288.5800 and we would haul away your scrap metal in no time. We are a fully licensed, and insured contractor for scrap removal NJ, with all the expertise, and resources to safely and proficiently pick up, remove, and recycle scrap metal; saving you time, and headache.