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Mechanical System Removal Services Offered by Thunder Contracting LLC in New Jersey

The key to the successful removal of mechanical systems for offices and industries lies with the expertise of the technicians to safely remove the electrical and mechanical plumbing that surrounds these systems. Businesses and industries across New Jersey rely on Thunder Contracting LLC to dismantle and remove old mechanical systems and equipment including HVAC, generators, battery systems, UPS, PDU, and others.

Removal of mechanical systems by non-licensed and low-experienced professionals can lead to disastrous results; often leading to many liabilities. At Thunder Contracting LLC, our team is composed of the most experienced and duly qualified experts who understand the critical nature of electrical and mechanical systems and how these can be safely removed without adding the liability for the clients. Thereby, next time you are looking for electrical or mechanical system removal from an office or industry, make sure you only choose a licensed and experienced professional to do the job.

At Thunder Contracting LLC, our experienced technician takes all the necessary details before starting the removal/dismantling of mechanical systems. This ensures that the desired mechanical system removal is achieved seamlessly without incurring any damage to associated electrical or mechanical plumbing works. This also ensures that you are able to relocate the removed mechanical systems or HVAC to another place safely.

Thunder Contracting LLC brings in decades of experience and expertise to take on all sorts of mechanical system removal projects across New Jersey. We got the resources required to safely and reliably decommission all HVAC, and mechanical systems, leaving no footprint behind. Our cautious removal/decommissioning approach makes sure that you are left with a clean, and safe space.

What do you need to know about our mechanical system removal?

  • Impact to the facility, live or decommissioned removal
  • Entrance/Egress, effect on building
  • Disposal, proper disposal certification, and safe techniques
  • Expectation post decommission, clean area, debris


Equipment Removal Is Never Been So Easy in New Jersey

Thunder Contracting LLC is an experienced MEP demolition contractor in New Jersey. Over the years we have successfully completed hundreds of mechanical system removal projects across New Jersey. Also, we have had extensive experience in successfully managing complex mechanical and electrical demolition, decommissioning, and removal projects in various site conditions. These include complete demolition of mechanical systems, removal of rooftop cooling towers, decommissioning and removal of the HVAC system, and others. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that we leave adjacent equipment and systems fully safe, and intact during the project. Also, we are able to perform mechanical system removal jobs in occupied buildings, keeping business as usual on adjacent floors. We have the experience of precise and selective removal of HVAC, and mechanical systems from all sorts of buildings including commercial buildings, government buildings, hospitals, and others. Some of our mechanical system removal services include;

– Raised floor removal

– Commercial mechanical system decommissioning and removal

– Industrial mechanical system decommissioning and removal

– Electrical HVAC system decommissioning and removal

– Plumbing decommissioning

– Ductwork

– Generator and switchgear decommissioning and removal

– Power distribution and racking removal

– Datacenter decommissioning and removal

– UPS and batter decommissioning and removal


Vegetation Removal in New Jersey

At Thunder Contracting LLC, we understand the importance of offering precise, and effective vegetation removal services. Our mechanical vegetation removal services are meant to offer clients the best solution across all conditions. The mechanical vegetation removal solution from Thunder Contracting LLC works even under conditions where other solutions failed to come up with effective outcomes. For instance, removal of vegetation through herbicide may not be an ideal solution near irrigated regions, however, without a mechanical vegetation removal solution, it’s easy and safe to get rid of all the unwanted biomass without affecting nature.

At Thunder Contracting LLC, we maintain a fully dedicated division for vegetation removal services. We got the experience, expertise, and resources to carry out effective, and efficient vegetation removal services across the Log Angeles. Our specialty tools including cookie cutters, harvesters, excavators, and others enable us to easily remove vegetation mechanically without any nuisance to the adjacent land. Some of the benefits of our mechanical vegetation removal solution include access to open areas of water, nutrient builds up, lowering of organic sludge, among others.

Thunder Contracting LLC is your licensed Mechanical System Removal Partner in NJ

Thunder Contracting LLC is a licensed and certified mechanical system removal partner in NJ. We bring in our expertise, experience, and resources to help businesses and industries across New Jersey safely and efficiently decommission and remove all sorts of electrical HVAC, and mechanical systems. Our deep understanding of the trade, highly experienced technicians, and a focused work ethic enable us to minimize disruptions and liabilities during the project execution. We ensure that all mechanical systems of electrical HVAC systems are safely removed from the building without incurring any damage to the adjacent systems or building. Safe removal of mechanical systems enables our clients to easily relocate the systems to any new place they want, or dispose-off. Throughout the mechanical system removal project, we keep up close coordination with clients to make them feel confident by updating them with the project status.

We are one of the most trusted and reliable MEP removal contractors in New Jersey, with core competency in building demolition, and mechanical system removal. Irrespective of the scope of the project (HVAC system removal, UPS or generator removal, complete mechanical system removal), we got the expertise and experience to handle all sorts of projects with high efficiency and effectiveness.


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