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Mezzanine Demolition Company in New Jersey

Thunder Contracting LLC brings offices and businesses a streamline and hassle-free approach for Mezzanine demolition services in New Jersey. Our demolition experts can help you dismantle and remove the Mezzanine floor from the existing place, so you can easily move and reuse the floor at a new place. We also offer a Mezzanine removal New Jersey service to help you with your relocation plan.

Are you looking for a professional Mezzanine demolition service in New Jersey?

At Thunder Contracting LLC we bring in a reliable and consistent approach to dismantle, demolish, and remove Mezzanine floors from offices, and commercial buildings. Our state-of-the-art techniques enable us to offer clients reliable Mezzanine demolition NJ services, keeping up with the structural integrity of the building, and the Mezzanine floor. Thus you can be sure of easy removal or relocation of the floor.

What is a Mezzanine floor?

A Mezzanine floor refers to the intermediate floor space that’s present either between two floors or even between a floor and the ceiling. A mezzanine floor is a high-utility space that doubles the usable space in offices, and buildings. Most of the time Mezzanine floors are built to increase the utility space for offices.

For most parts, the Mezzanine floors are only built in specific building areas and are not spread out across the entire office space. These are mostly installed to utilize available vertical space in offices, or buildings by converting them into usable rooms. These are mostly custom-built free of existing structures; as per the need and requirement of businesses/users. Mezzanine floors are build using different materials including wood, steel, and concrete.

Types of Mezzanine Floor

Some of the most common types of Mezzanine floors include;

  • Concrete Mezzanine floors
  • Wooden Mezzanine floors
  • Steel Mezzanine floors


Concrete Mezzanine Floor

As can be taken by name, these are among the most durable and robust types of Mezzanine floors. Concrete Mezzanine floors have gained great popularity since these types of Mezzanine floors are able to handle heavy loads. These type of floors have a great capacity to withstand the loading requirements for industrial applications and is mostly permanent in nature. Concrete Mezzanine floors can’t be removed or relocated, but require demolition services.

Some of the benefits of concrete Mezzanine floors include;

  • High load capacity
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Fast and durable construction
  • Minimal noise transmission
  • Higher damp resistance
  • Higher fire resistance


Steel Mezzanine Floor

Steel Mezzanine floors are another popular type of Mezzanine floors that comes with various benefits. These are mostly preferred for commercial buildings and offices. Steel Mezzanine floor Design offers a secure and solid utility space with minimal foot traffic.

Steel Mezzanine floors can be demolished, removed, and relocated to other places. At Thunder Contracting LLC, we offer hassle-free Mezzanine demolition NJ services for steel Mezzanine structures.

Some of the benefits of steel Mezzanine floors include;

  • Superior strength
  • Low maintenance
  • Increased moisture resistance
  • Higher durability, and strength
  • Low-cost construction
  • Easy removal and relocation


Wooden Mezzanine Floor

Wooden Mezzanine floors are yet another popular type of Mezzanine floor that’s primarily preferred for the aesthetic appeal of the design. The wooden floor not only adds to the storage space of the office but also enhances the beautification of the space.

Some of the benefits of wooden Mezzanine floors include;

  • Easy installation
  • Easy removal and relocation
  • Easy cleaning
  • Offer better acoustics
  • Enhanced beautification
  • Long durability and higher strength


Why You Need Mezzanine Demolition in New Jersey?

There may be various reasons to choose Mezzanine demolition NJ. In most cases, businesses need Mezzanine removal New Jersey services when they are moving out and want to take the floor with them to the new location. At Thunder Contracting LLC, we offer reliable, affordable, and fast Mezzanine removal New Jersey service to carefully dismantle and remove the floors, so you can take them with you to the new premises.

It is worth noting that most of the commercial or industrial Mezzanine floors are designed for easy dismantling and relocation. At Thunder Contracting LLC, our expert and experienced technicians take all safety precautions in dismantling the floors to keep the integrity of the structure intact. We offer complete Mezzanine floor demolition, removal, and dismantling services covering all aspects of the process.

With the right demolition expertise, removing Mezzanine floors doesn’t take much longer. In some cases, where the Mezzanine floor is attached to the flooring with adhesive, the job may take longer than expected. At Thunder Contracting LLC, we are able to give our clients a prior time frame for the job completion, so as to avoid any mid-project hassle.

Demolition and Preparation Services We Offer

At Thunder Contracting LLC, we offer comprehensive Mezzanine floor demolition and removal services including;

  • Removal with Jackhammer
  • Wall Demolition
  • Windows and door Removal
  • Scaffold
  • Tile Removal
  • Balcony Removal
  • Steel Beams Removal
  • Steel Runners Removal
  • Concrete Core Drilling
  • Concrete Grinding
  • Curb Removal
  • Median Removal
  • Barrier wall removal on Mezzanine
  • Concrete Cutting
  • Steel Cutting
  • Plumbing and Electrical connections removed


Why Hire a Professional?

While the demolition process may sound to be the easiest component of a renovation project, however, that’s not true. For any successful demolition project, you need the right experts, tools, and techniques to avoid bottlenecks and delays in the project. Also, when it comes to the Mezzanine demolition in NJ, it’s important to note that most of the time these structures are reusable. Thereby, a careful approach in the dismantling of the structure is required to avoid damaging the integrity of the structure.

When you hire Thunder Contracting LLC as your Mezzanine removal New Jersey you can be sure of partnering with experts who know their job and have successfully completed hundreds of similar projects. Our experienced staff understands the complexity of the project and takes all precautionary measures required to deliver a safe, and fast demolition or removal service, while also grinding the floor to leave it as smooth as possible.


Why Thunder Contracting LLC is your best mezzanine balcony demolition partner?

There are many reasons to trust Thunder Contracting LLC as your trusted Mezzanine demolition NJ contractor including;


We are one of the pioneers when it comes to Mezzanine demolition NJ services. Trusted for our commitment towards safe, and successful demolition/removal projects, we integrate the latest techniques and tools to keep up with the highest quality standards.


With nearly a decade of experience delivering reliable and consistent demolition, and removal services to commercial and residential buildings across New Jersey, we got the expertise, and resources required to ensure hassle-free Mezzanine demolition NJ project. We are proud to build a strong reputation in the industry, where we get our most clients by word of mouth from customers we have already served.


At Thunder Contracting LLC, we have built a strong ethical approach for all of our commercial and residential demolition services. We not only offer 100% transparency to our clients, but also to our suppliers and contractors, who are essential players in our services. Over the years of our services in the industry, we have completed hundreds of demolition and removal projects, with complete transparency and an ethical approach.

Demolition Works in New Jersey!

At Thunder Contracting LLC, we offer our clients a complete range of commercial and residential demolition services at affordable rates. We are one of the leading demolition service providers in New Jersey, known for our commitment towards quality, and client servicing. We employ the most experienced staff, latest tools, and techniques to offer our clients reliable and consistent services for all their demolition needs.

Our range of demolition and removal services includes;

  • Commercial demolition service
  • Industrial demolition service
  • Residential demolition service


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